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While Marian devotion is alive today, its contemporary expression differs from the form it took before the Second Vatican Council and has developed since. My paper will explore the present state of Marian devotion—forty years after the publication of Marialis Cultus by Pope Paul VI, and fifty years after the Second Vatican Council—and consider how the form of devotion that exists today, understood with reference to the ecclesiology of Lumen Gentium, might better be interpreted as a Marian spirituality. While some might disagree that there is such a concept as a Marian Spirituality at all, my paper will demonstrate that it corresponds to the norms for Marian devotion put forward by Marialis Cultus?and as such it is Trinitarian, Christological, Soteriological, Ecclesial, and Eschatological. I will also demonstrate that this type of Marian devotion is exemplified concretely today for the Church in the Marian spirituality of the New Ecclesial Movements. These communities provide a sign that the future of Marian devotion, while embodied in new forms, is vital for the continuing renewal and mission of the Church.


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