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In this paper, I shall focus on St. Louis de Montfort, the Priest, and on the Blessed Virgin Mary’s role in his life and preaching. Montfort’s incorporation of Mary into his preaching of the Gospel, in my estimation, is important for all seminarians and priests engaged in active ministry. St. Louis de Montfort is also the special patron of the Legion of Mary, which remains among the largest apostolic movements in the Church. Not only does his teaching provide the specific spirituality for the Legion of Mary, but his zeal as a missionary has molded members of the Legion into expert evangelists. It is not difficult to recognize that the Neo-Catechumenal Way, so powerful in this period of the Church’s history, has much in common with the methods and content of the "Preacher from Montfort." Needless to say, Montfort’s teaching on Mary is a blessing for the whole Church—a blessing pointed out repeatedly by St. John Paul II, a spiritual son of Montfort.


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