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Mary's indispensable participation in the historical event of the Incarnation which we profess in our baptismal belief, leads us to reflect on her participation in the sacramental event of the rebirth of her spiritual children. The PAMI Document “The Mother of the Lord: Memory, Presence, Hope” (art. 47; cf. USCCB, Behold your Mother, 55) points out that in the light of Ephesians 1:3-5 “baptism, the immersion into the Paschal mystery of Christ, (cf. Rm 6:3-5) corresponds sacramentally to Mary’s Immaculate Conception.” This article explores the Immaculate Conception as “a forceful sign of God’s grace operative within a creature” (art. 48) for the neophyte. Among the themes explored are: Mary’s maternal role at baptism, May’s womb as a type of the baptismal font, and the archetypical function of the Immaculate Conception at baptism. As the Immaculate Conception prepared Mary to be the “Theotokos” or God-bearer, baptism enables Christians to be “Theotokoi” or God-bearers through grace of the sacrament.


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