Seed and Seedling Data from Sugarcreek Metropark Restoration Experiment



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This dataset encompasses information following seed germination and seedling growth of three tree species: Quercus rubra, Juglans cinerea, and Carya laciniosa. Seed sizes were recorded prior to incubation in sand, vermiculite, or without media. Seeds were then germinated with time to germination recorded in this dataset. After germination, seedlings were planted in Sugarcreek Metropark in either fall 2011 or spring 2012. One-half of seedlings were planted in tree tubes and a half without. Seedling height and diameter was recorded in June 2014 and March 2019, and death of seedlings was noted.

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reforestation, hickory, oak, management


Biodiversity | Biology | Forest Biology | Forest Management | Plant Biology


Column key

Column: Description

id: Unique ID for each soil sample collected from underneath or away from a treated or untreated tree

size: Describes the treatment of the tree, where treated is cut with fertilizer application and resprouted and untreated are trees left intact

size_loc: Combination of treatment of the tree and location of the soil core

location: Describes whether soil core was taken directly underneath the tree or 50 cm outside of the dripline

moisture: The percent soil moisture of each soil sample

basdiam: The basal diameter of each tree, averaged for those which have resprouted with multiple sprouts

ph: The soil pH

po: Phenol oxidase activity within the soil

per: Peroxidase activity within the soil

bg: Beta-glucosidase activity within the soil

ap: Phosphatase activity within the soil

lap: Leucine aminopeptidase activity within the soil

Seed and Seedling Data from Sugarcreek Metropark Restoration Experiment