This series includes papers, presentations, and other materials produced using the data in this archive.


Submissions from 2022


Leaf phenology and freeze tolerance of the invasive tree Pyrus calleryana (Roseaceae) and potential native competitors, Margaret E. Maloney, Abby Hay, Eric B. Borth, and Ryan W. McEwan

Submissions from 2020


Assessing Seed Handling Processes to Facilitate a Community-Engaged Approach to Regional Forest Restoration, Meredith Cobb, Michaela J. Woods, and Ryan McEwan

Submissions from 2019


Assessing the Efficacy of Seedling Planting as a Forest Restoration Technique in Temperate Hardwood Forests Impacted by Invasive Species, Michaela J. Woods, Meredith Cobb, and Katie Hickle