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In the academic climate survey conducted in April, 2014 some respondents indicated they did not believe UD is responding/behaving in ways that are consistent with a Marianist institution. This finding was found in multiple units, leading to several unit leaders proposing to conduct training/education on Marianist administration. Many deans and others had already shared with their leadership teams the Steven Neiheisel paper “Characteristics of Marianist Administration,” and units were trying to draw practical conclusions from the content of that manuscript. Discussion of the document at the Provost Council meeting in December 2014 led to the suggestion that Deb Bickford convene a group of people involved in leadership development touching upon our Marianist charism. Our charge was to develop, if possible, programming guidelines that complement and support work already taking place with MEAs and in Leadership UD and HR. Specifically, we were asked to tease out, and extend more deeply some of the work already taking place, and to identify guiding principles or guidelines for engagement around training supervisors and supervisees on administrative standards fitting for a Marianist institution. We were asked to develop educational opportunities for academic leaders to gain a better understanding of what Marianist Administration would “look like” in everyday practice.