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Illustrator: Jose Guadalupe Posada

A cautionary tale from the pueblo of Ocotlan de la Sierra that takes place "el ultimo de Septiembre def afio pr6ximo pasado" -the end of September of the next past year. This is especially helpful, as this hoja volante is undated. Marfa and Pedro are happily married for several weeks, but then Pedro begins to drink and gamble and stay out 'til all hours with his com padres. He becomes very abusive toward Marfa, as well, both verbally and physically . As his resources dwindle (At one point, Marfa even finds him gambling with the very clothes he is wearing!), Pedro makes a deal with a demon, exchanging Marfa for money with which to continue to live in sin for the next six years. When the term expires, Pedro takes Marfa to the demon ... Marfa falls to her knees and prays to the Virgin of Guadalupe to save her. Not only does the BVM save Marfa-she saves Pedro, too! The demon retires, with vile bellows of rage, promising to collect his debt later, but Pedro has seen the error of his ways and the transformed couple live happily ever after under the protection of and in devotion to Nuestra Senora. The verso also contains a poem summarizing the tale and praising La Reina Guadalupana. It is possible that this was a very popular or influential story of the time, as the engraving for this broadsheet was used for at least four other editions, and the same scene was depicted by at least one other distinct engraving.

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lmprenta de Antonio Vanegas Arroyo


Broadside, Mexico, Popular Devotion


Catholic Studies | Graphic Communications | Latin American Languages and Societies


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Horrible suceso fraguado por el demonio y destruido por el admirable y portentoso milagro de Nuestra Sra. De Guadalupe, entre los esposos Maria Juliana Delgado y Pedro Garcia.



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