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Illustrator: Jose Guadalupe Posada

Lucas takes a trip to Mexico City, leaving his wife Marfa behind at their home in Apulco, Zacatecas. While in the Federal District, Lucas visits the Virgin of Guadalupe at her sanctuary, where he receives relics such as a picture of Our Lady, a scapular, and a rosary. While Lucas is away, Marfa begins hanging around with certain Protestant families, who put ideas into her head and steer her down a path away from Our Sacred Religion. When Marfa finds that Lucas had brought her nothing but La Seiiora's holy relics, she becomes enraged and breaks them before throwing them in the fire. Days after this profanation, which took place on the 7 th day of this month (month not given) of this year (1908), Marfa is stricken with paralysis and such widespread leprosy that no one can look at her without disgust. Also, she becomes blind and deaf. She lives like this for four years, shunned by everyone. Her family doesn't know what to do, and her stench becomes so bad that no one can get nearer than 10 meters. True regret enters her soul, and she begs Our Lady for forgiveness, which is granted through infinite compassion. It is commanded that all throughout the land this story should be told, so that all may implore Our Lady to beg her Holy Son to always save the Mexican Nation from the calamities that befall humanity. Verso, lower half, contains a prayer to the Virgin in verse form, headed by a small engraving of the Virgin appearing to Juan Diego, likely by Posada. Engraving of Virgin on recto signed J. Engberg, Mex.

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lmprenta de Antonio Vanegas Arroyo


Broadside, Mexico, Popular Devotion


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Profanacion de las reliquias de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe



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