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Illustrator: Jose Guadalupe Posada

Recto is headed by a story about the gradual subsidence of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe-it being built, like much of Mexico City, on the dried bed of Lake Texcoco. A new basilica was built in 1974; the old basilica (constructed between 1695 and 1709) has been repaired and is again open to the public. Another piece on recto speaks adoringly of Our Lady-this is a breath of love in a miasma of catastrophe. Top verso contains a recounting of various disasters of recent years, earthquakes around the country and cataclysms associated with Halley's Comet. Lower half of verso contains text, alongside a large engraving of a fly, describing the pestilence of flies brought on by 500,000 victims of war-men, women, children, noncombatants, bandits, and soldiers-whose bodies lie exposed. "Horrible mortality caused by the disastrous civil war that Yankee President Wilson protects." The article goes on to explain that while in the past flies were viewed as harmless it is now known that they can carry many diseases, and for this reason it is necessary to combat and exterminate them all, as they are malignant to humanity. Printed on pale green paper.

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lmprenta de Antonio Vanegas Arroyo


Broadside, Mexico, Popular Devotion


Catholic Studies | Graphic Communications | Latin American Languages and Societies


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La Basilica de Guadalupe se esta hundiendo rapidamente



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