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Illustrator: Jose Guadalupe Posada

This sheet gives news of an unbeliever who went into a church to leave two candles, one of which was filled with explosives, to be used during a function for the Virgin of Guadalupe. The candles were lit before the service, but one attendant inexplicably felt that he had to extinguish the flames, thus saving everyone. Taking the candles away, it was noticed that one candle was heavier than the other, and the plot was laid bare. This was hailed as miraculous intervention by Mary.

Publication Date



lmprenta de Antonio Vanegas Arroyo


Broadside, Mexico, Popular Devotion


Catholic Studies | Graphic Communications | Latin American Languages and Societies


The year of publication provided in this record is approximate, as the publication date is not apparent on the item or in the materials with which it was acquired; the publisher released broadsides during the early 20th century. Description provided by Owl and Quaker Booksellers.

Admirable milagro de la Sma. Virgen de Guadalupe en el pueblo de Taxco: un cirio con substancias explosivas



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