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Illustrator: Jose Guadalupe Posada

Agapita gives birth to a tragic baby with its eyes on its forehead and a tail like a monkey's. This causes amazement and confusion, as Agapita is a beautiful teen and her paramour, unnamed and only mentioned the once, is "a white youth and not bad-looking". This causes quite a stir, with some proclaiming that this is a punishment on the youths from God for not being obedient to their parents. Agapita visits the Virgin of Guadalupe, where her tears pour down her face and flow out of the temple, demonstrating her true repentance. She was punished twice: first by giving birth to something so alien, second by bearing the criticism, scorn, and judgment of the righteously outraged community. The poor fetus was transferred to the Public Ministry, whence it "will very probably be conducted to the National Museum, to display for the inspection of the public" . I withhold comment, but wow.

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lmprenta de Antonio Vanegas Arroyo


Broadside, Mexico, Popular Devotion


Catholic Studies | Graphic Communications | Latin American Languages and Societies


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Singular fenomeno. El nino sin craneo en la villa de Guadalupe.



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