Juggling for Mary



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The story of the juggler, in brief, is a story about vocation and the gifts we each have to offer. On Christmas Eve, a juggler performs for a statue of the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus, scandalizing the other monks in his community. Juggling is not appropriate — not the kind of gift one should give. In other words, not appropriately intellectual or elevated, like the gift of a book or a poem. But those judgmental observers are wrong because when the juggler has finished his performance and collapsed in exhaustion, the statue comes to life: The Infant Jesus smiles, and the Virgin Mary wipes his sweaty brow. There are connections to other Christmas stories here, such as the Biblical gifts of the Wise Men; or Nativity sets where villagers bring fish or pretzels to the Holy Family; or popular Christmas songs such as "The Little Drummer Boy."

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