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The late Dom Frenaud has provided us in Cahiers Marials, 1966, with a list of the teachings of Pope Paul VI on marian doctrine and devotion from the beginning of his ponificate in June, 1963, to February 19, 1966 (letter to the Polish Episcopate). This documentation for 1966 has recently been completed by Fr. Th. Koehler, S. M. (Cahiers Marials, 1970). The present article both recapitulates and supplements the original French publications and then brings the list forward to the end of 1967. To prepare the English edition, the periodical The Pope Speaks was used extensively, in addition to such primary sources as the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Osservatore Romano and Marianum.

The selection, as the titles and explanations should demonstrate, is intended to specify the variety of situations in which the pope spoke or wrote about Mary. In this way, the varying doctrinal importance of the citations can be better understood, as their importance will largely depend on the circumstances in which they were given. Paul VI always speaks as Head of the Church with an acute consciousness of his responsibilities regarding Christian faith and the conversion of all men to Christ. On some occasions, he is the master who seeks to explain revealed truth; on other occasions, however, he is the shepherd who allows his heart to speak. It is useful, moreover, to have knowledge of certain events about which the pope has spoken without presenting new developments in doctrine; in which we see, however, the life of the Church and its devotion to the Mother of God.

Photocopies of the documents cited below can be obtained on request through the Marian Library at the University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio

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