This collection of musical compositions, many of which were written by members of the Society of Mary, reflect on the order's charism and/or spirituality.

Marianist music ministry volunteers who helped to compile and describe the collection include but are not limited to:

  • Jim Ford
  • Nick Cardilino
  • John Samaha, S.M.
  • Dan Stupka, S.M.
  • Julio Maldanado
  • Mike Nartker, S.M.
  • Ted Ley, S.M.
  • Dennis Bautista, S.M.
  • Mary Kay Snyder
  • Teresa Trimboli
  • Tom Thompson, S.M.
  • Mary Kenney
  • Mike Sullivan, S.M.
  • Jerry Chinchar, S.M.
  • Jack Somerville, S.M.
  • George Montague, S.M.
  • Stan Zubek, S.M.


Submissions from 2016


Men of St. Louis (Hawaii), Glenn Medeiros

Submissions from 1966


Marianist Doxology (Hughes), Howard Hughes S.M.

Submissions from 1950


The Bold Priest of Bordeaux, Louis A. Thein S.M.

Submissions from 1934


Maria Assumpta, Lawrence Gonner S.M. and Robert Holzmer S.M.

Submissions from 1923


Chaminade Our Captain, Paul Wessling S.M.

Submissions from 1917


Chaminade our Sainted Founder, Albert L. Hollinger S.M. and Robert Holzmer S.M.