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Songs Marianists Used To Sing, edited by Brother Eugene Frank, S.M., page 89. Marianist Hymnal, page 113; piano, page 214.


Mary, Assumption


Mary, Assumption


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The text is by Lawrence Gonner; music by Robert Holzmer. Composed around 1934.

Father Ted Ley, S.M., provides the following comments:

Years 1959-60 Larry Gonner was our chant teacher and my first teacher on organ. He was systematic, encouraging, and at times inspiring! He told us many stories about the brothers, lore of the original Province of America. He made first vows in, I believe, 1922, 14 years after the division of the U.S. and Canada from one Province of America into Cincinnati and St. Louis (with Cincy including Hawaii and California, and St. Louis including Canada). Many of the original brothers were still living. When I read this music, I realized that the attached accompaniment is not how Larry would have played it. It would’ve been in thorough German counterpoint. I wonder if that manuscript edition of the accompaniment is from the 1948 Marianist hymnal of the St. Louis Province. It looks like it. The accompaniment dubiously attributed to Rob Holzmer — in Bb for young voices, possibly Postulants — is very quirky with voice-leading mistakes that are probably copyist’s errors. The words and melody are classic Lawrence J. Gonner. It is similar to his Alma Mater song for Maryhurst. Its straightforward quality renders it quite singable. This F Major edition, with many notes below C, is for mellow baritone voices. But I think that Larry would have put it a whole tone higher, in G, to make it “a little brighter.”




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Made available with the permission of the Marianist Province of the United States. All rights reserved.

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Music by Robert Holzmer, S.M.

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Maria Assumpta



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