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Folk song adapted to the Marianist priests and brothers


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From Brother Stanley Zubek, S.M.: Explanation of song's origin is found in the document available for download. It reads:

For some time, the Province archivist has been questioning various of the Brothers in an effort to pin down the origin of the toasting song that has become a tradition among American Marianists. Thanks to Bro. Don Hebeler of the Cincinnati Province and Brothers Novosal and Schnepp of the St. Louis Province, a plausible solution seems to have been found.

No, the Er Loebe Hoch did not come to the US with the pioneer Alsatian Brothers. According to Fr. Theodore Koehler, himself an Alsatian, that song is unknown in those parts. Rather, the Er Loebe is of German folk origin and was probably sung among the German American settlements in this country.

According to Bro. Novosal, who is archivist for his province, it was Bro. Louis Thein who made the song an SM characteristic. As to the origin of the song, among the personal effects of Bro. Lawrence Gonner was found a book of Neues Deutsches Lieder (Neues Deutsches Liederbuch) published by D.C. Heath in this country during 1931, as part of its Modern Language Series. On page 43 of this volume is found the song reproduced below. The version familiar to Marianists appears to be an adaptation of it.

Many thanks to those Brothers who patiently assisted in the search for an answer to this little mystery of the Marianist folkways.





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