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Identity and Social Transformation: The Central European Pragmatist Forum


Chapter addresses similarities between Addams's and Masaryk's positions on cultural difference and national states. The similarities were based not only on their shared general humanitarian point of view, but on a personal interaction as well. Masaryk visited the U.S. several times and even delivered series of lectures on Slavs and their history at Hull House in Chicago. Masaryk spoke with Addams and was in contact with her through his daughter Alice, who spent time in Chicago and whom Addams mentored. In these circumstances the similarities in their ideas of trans-nationalism, the plasticity of national identity, and cultural reciprocity are not surprising.

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Citation: Fischer, M. “Tomáš Masaryk and Jane Addams on Humanitarianism and Cultural Reciprocity.” Identity and Social Transformation, John Ryder and Radim *ip, eds. Central European Pragmatist Forum, Vol. 5, Amsterdam: Rodopi. 2011. 241-255.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands