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Incarcerated Mothers: Oppression and Resistance


Diane Wilson is a mother and an environmental activist, two roles that challenge:

  • Common perceptions about what a mother is and what her obligations to her children are.
  • Common stereotypes about environmental activists and the focus of their acts.

Her story reveals the ways in which mothering is always practiced in a context, and sometimes in order to work toward a society in which her children can thrive, a mother may have to challenge the context itself and take time away from her children.

When Wilson engages in questioning, challenging, and changing the world, she faces pressure from local and state politicians and international business leaders. Her refusal to cooperate with business interests at the expense of people and the environment leads her to acts of civil disobedience, which leads to jail time.

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From Incarcerated Mothers: Oppression and Resistance, Gordana Eljdupovic and Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich, eds., 2013; pp. 210-220; permission pending from Demeter Press.

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