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We offer this volume as a contribution to the ongoing conversation that goes under the name of "feminist ethics." This conversation took an exciting and interesting turn recently at the Feminist Ethics Revisited Conference; many of the essays in this volume articulate ideas and analyses first presented there.1 The term feminist ethics was used broadly at this conference- as it is again here-to refer to the perspectives on women 's experience that come into view at the intersections of ethics, politics, philosophy, and literature. Earlier generations of philosophers-both male and female-have found that the experiences of women fit neither easily nor neatly into the categories favored by traditional, mainstream philosophy. That the dominant discourse of philosophy still strains to accommodate women's experiences has prompted feminist philosophers to go beyond the usual boundaries, especially in ethics. In her contribution to this volume, "Seeing Power in Morality: A Proposal for Feminist Naturalism in Ethics," Margaret Urban Walker succinctly summarizes feminists' achievements in ethics. "feminist ethics," Walker writes, "is inevitably, and fundamentally, a discourse about morality and power." Our volume emphasizes this essential insight of feminist ethics.



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