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Report of the Committee on the Catholic and Marianist Identity of the University Of Dayton

  • James L. Heft, S.M., Ph.D., Provost, Chair
  • Judith P. Allik, Ph.D., Department of Psychology
  • Fred K. Bogner, Ph.D., Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
  • George A. Bohlen, Ph.D., Department of MIS and Decision Sciences
  • Eugene Contadino, S.M., Campus Ministry
  • Francis J. Conte, J.D., School of Law
  • Una Cadegan, Ph.D., American Studies Program
  • John A. Detrio, Research Institute
  • Dennis M. Doyle, Ph.D., Department of Religious Studies
  • Edward D. Garten, Ph.D., Roesch Library
  • Bruce F. Giffin, S.M., Ph.D., Department of Biology
  • Patricia A. Johnson, Ph.D., Department of Philosophy
  • Regis J. Lekan, Office of Alumni/Parent Relations
  • Herbert W. Martin, D.A., Department of English
  • Debra P. Moore, Office of Minority Student Affairs
  • J. Michael O’Hare, Ph.D., Department of Physics
  • Patrick F. Palermo, Ph.D., Office of the Provost
  • Bernard J. Ploeger, S.M., Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Administration
  • Joseph F. Rogus, Ph.D., School of Education
  • Thomas D. Skill, Ph.D., Department of Communication
  • Angela A. Zukowski, MHSH, D.Min., Center for Religious Telecommunications


The University of Dayton has long celebrated its heritage as a Catholic and Marianist university. Daily and annually, in the ordinary and extraordinary occasions of the life of the University, the people of the University community acknowledge in tangible, visible ways the University’s grounding in the tradition of Catholicism and in the Family of Mary. Each succeeding generation benefits from appropriating anew the vision and inspiration that guided the founders of our institution. Therefore, it is important that our acknowledgment and celebration of our heritage become more conscious and explicit, a sustained examination and reaffirmation of the traditions in which the University grounds itself.