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I know myself to be a very reflective person, and as a senior I have had lots of time to reflect about my journey at UD. I find myself always discovering, or entering, new roles. What roles do I have? Well, first and foremost I am a student. This is a role that is essential for my existence at UD, but sometimes it is easy to forget! I, obviously, also have a role as a River Steward. Even though I have been a River Steward since my sophomore year I have had many different roles within the program. In addition to my River Steward roles I also have a role that is new to this year, a role as a Resident Assistant (RA) on campus. So, why am I rambling about the roles I have on campus? Well, it is because even though my roles seem different they really are only different on the surface.


University of Dayton Rivers Institute, Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, River Stewards, Great Miami River


Author: Rachel (no last name given)