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Almost a year has passed since we said our farewells and congratulations to the 2015 Cohort of River Stewards. But their River Steward experience and the story of their senior project carries on. It carries on in the trees that have been planted behind Adventure Central (AC) in the woods of Weselyn Metropark. It carries on in the seeds which continue to get picked and stored in the refrigerators of AC. It carries on in the basement under the grow lights, where the seeds slowly become sprouts. And it carries on in the teens and staff of AC who continue sustain, nurture and steward the project day to day, and season to season. But, it also carries on in other ways. In ways each individual River Steward uniquely transfers what they learned into their daily lives and continue to grow, themselves, as stewards of our rivers and communities.


University of Dayton Rivers Institute, Fitz Center for Leadership in Community, River Stewards, Great Miami River