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The Changing Faces of Academic Libraries: Transforming, Reorganizing, Re-imagining

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Canton, OH


Innovative programming with a purpose can transform the perception of an academic library. Learn how to develop your programming prowess, from idea to implementation, at this engaging workshop. The presenter will demonstrate how library staff interests can drive creative programming and attract many participants, even while adhering to traditional library programming goals: drawing people to the physical building, its collections or services.

Creative programming is often times surprising and newsworthy, so it has the potential to drive community and media attention to the library in a positive way. Attendees will hear about case studies of unconventional and traditional library programming. The presenter will share the development process of several ideas and the library staff behind the implementation. These examples will demonstrate how personal passions create new and exciting environments within libraries while partnering with campus and community groups. Additionally, social media integration and goals/objectives for these low to no-cost library programs will be discussed.

Attendees will be inspired by successful academic library events, understand event programming concepts, and learn how to promote creativity among library staff in order to initiate program development. Attendees will also have the opportunity to develop creative programming ideas for their own academic libraries.