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Technical Services by Design: OVGTSL 2017

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Cincinnati, OH


Teams make better decisions, develop more creative solutions, and achieve a higher level of productivity when the group has a high level of trust, a sense of group identity, and a sense of group efficacy. This presentation will discuss the role of leadership, followership, and group emotional intelligence in teams and the implications for library technical services. Good followership is vital in today’s highly collaborative, team-oriented libraries because the line between leaders and those they lead is often blurred. The key to defining followership, as in leadership, lies with the relationship between leaders and followers. Effective followers possess skills that allow them to effect change without causing harm to the organization. This takes a high degree of emotional intelligence. Both individual and group emotional intelligence involve the personal competence of being aware of and regulating one’s own emotions and the social competence of being aware of and regulating the emotions of others. Group emotional intelligence also includes being aware of the emotions of the group’s members, the emotions of the group as a whole, and the emotions of key groups and individuals outside of the group.

Learning Goal: Attendees will have a better understanding of the importance of group emotional intelligence and the role of leadership and followership in effective team development.

Learning Goal: Attendees will be able to identify several traits of good followers and team members.


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