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American Library Association Annual Conference

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Chicago, IL


In 2014, a university’s housing and residence life department implemented a program to provide students with a series of learning goals to master by graduation, including authorship, interculturalism, community living and more.

The program is connected to the housing assignment process and is called PATH, “Points Accumulated Towards Housing.” By participating in approved events, students accumulate “points” and secure higher priority within the housing assignments process.

This university’s library participates as a campus program partner by hosting PATH-eligible events. As a result, student engagement at library events has exceeded expectations. This poster will share attendance and event data from 20 programs in a visual format. Attendees will see trends and successful program models like film screenings, book talks and hands-on workshops. Qualitative feedback show student learning and engagement.

A common challenge for libraries is connecting the events to where people are in the their lives. Since university-level learning outcomes create the framework for this program, librarians have the opportunity to design meaningful co-curricular programming. Such common intellectual experiences are known as high-impact learning practices, which studies show benefit students from all backgrounds. This library’s participation in the program contributes to this university’s effort to connect student involvement with retention and student success. Learn how even without a library-based incentive program, you can reach your student population and create quality programs to help them reach their destination.