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Beyond the SEA


In 2012, the Association for College and Research Libraries issued a document outlining eleven diversity standards for academic libraries to use in developing the skills and competencies that are necessary to serve diverse populations. The American Library Association lists “diversity” as one of its 11 core values.

In 2016, the Medical Library Association identified diversity and inclusion as essential values for the association, and in 2017, it appointed a Diversity Task Force to determine how to operationalize these values.

Typically, when we use the word “diversity” we refer to specific categories of identity: race, gender, ability, and sexual orientation, to name a few. As libraries and library organizations engage in more diversity initiatives, how is the conversation around diversity, inclusion, and equity taking shape? What is left unsaid when these conversations take place?

This session challenges attendees to unpack, rethink, and reframe the diversity conversation. The presenter shares findings from a content analysis project of academic library diversity plans, provides a brief overview of critical race scholarship in the field, and challenges attendees to think critically about current library rhetoric around diversity.


Document and recording of webinar are provided for download with the permission of the presenting organization, the Southeastern/Atlantic Region chapter of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Permission documentation is on file.

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