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Conference Presentation

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ALAO 2022 Annual Conference

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Columbus, OH


While many of our libraries have issued public statements declaring a commitment to greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), many of us have struggled with how to move beyond words to enacting sustained, anti-oppressive actions. We will look at one library that used a multi-pronged, stepped approach to embed inclusive excellence as a framework in every department. Inclusive excellence recognizes an institution’s ability to succeed is dependent upon how fully it values, engages, and includes the rich diversity of each of its members. First, the library formalized its diversity committee, developing a charge and requiring representation from each department. Second, the library reconfigured a senior administrator position to include oversight for library-wide DEI initiatives. Finally, the library completed an inclusive diversity strategic planning process that solicited input from stakeholders across campus, with a particular emphasis on library employee engagement, ensuring the plan would connect to other campus DEI initiatives while meeting the needs of all library users. The presenter will discuss how these components are key to ensuring DEI frameworks are deeply embedded in a library’s culture and daily operations. Participants will consider approaches to infrastructure, professional development, outreach, and strategic planning that they can use at their own libraries.