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American Library Association Annual Conference

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Anaheim, CA


Get an uncensored look at what people are saying about your library and provide responsive service using Twitter. For two years, tweets about and to a library Twitter account have been responded to, saved, and analyzed, revealing attitudes towards the library that were previously unknown. Once the library Twitter account began responding to tweets, the tweets about the library increased as did the number of the account followers (up 500%). By the third semester of an active and responsive Twitter presence, a student journalist named the library Twitter account a "campus legend." This poster session will showcase Twitter as a dynamic platform to respond to patron complaints, praises, and general musings. Particularly notable are the changes the library made after complaints were tracked via Twitter, such as increasing the speed of the wireless Internet, adjusting building temperatures, and addressing noise issues. Attendees will learn how users become willing to share their experiences when they know they will receive a response. Methods of tracking, crafting responses, and time management will also be presented.