Laura Leming (Sociology)

Special thanks to Dr. Leming for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event and Dr. De Anda for spending some of her time to help me in my research.



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Modern society is more diverse than ever before. This is especially the case in the United States and Europe, where there is a blend of different cultures, ethnicities and religions. One of the toughest issues facing both of these regions is immigration. Immigration, legal and illegal, had led to a host of responses from many different groups of people from different backgrounds. In particular, religiously affiliated groups have had differing responses to the issue of immigration, especially in the United States.

This project is an investigation on how these religious groups view the issue of immigration. On top of my own research, I have also conducted an interview with Dr. Neomi De Anda, a UD Religious Studies professor who has spent some time working in communities on the US-Mexico border. After conducting my research, I have found that religious affiliation plays a massive role in people's attitudes towards immigration.

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Religion, Sociology, Multiculturalism, student scholarship


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Religion's Role in Immigration in a Multiculturalist Context