Dr. Fuhs and I have been working on projects surrounding an adaptive ebook for almost two years now. This poster is reporting on the first full-scale study with the ebook being used as an intervention, and we are eager to see what the results tell us.



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Dialogic reading interventions have been used successfully to increase reading skills. This study aims to investigate whether a dialogic reading intervention will also assist children with spatial and numerical magnitude comparison skills learned through a novel adaptive number e-book designed to be read together by parents and children. This study proposes that a dialogic reading intervention will improve spatial and numerical magnitude comparison skills that will transfer to general math skills following the reading of an adaptive number e-book more so than reading without dialogic reading instructions. Additionally, there are predicted benefits for executive functioning skills and for improving parental attitudes toward math.

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Educational development, early math skills, home math environment, student scholarship



Impact of a Dialogic Reading Intervention on the Effectiveness of an Adaptive Magnitude Comparison eBook for Improving Young Children’s Magnitude Comparison Skills

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