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Excerpted from Jeremy Norman’s, on the following work:

Opera omnia (Complete Works)
Venice, 1495-1498; first edition; printed by Aldus Manutius


Assembling all of the texts for this Opera omnia was a major challenge for its printer, Aldus Manutius, and his associates, requiring the help of scholars from other countries. Appearing at the close of a century that had witnessed a strong revival in Greek and humanistic studies, it was the first major Greek prose collection of text to be reintroduced to the Western world in its original language by means of the printing press.

“The Aldine Aristotle remains, in terms of the labour involved and the magnificence of the result, the greatest publishing venture of the fifteenth century,” wrote Martin Davies in his book Aldus Manutius, Printer and Publisher of Renaissance Venice.

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Aristotle: ‘Opera omnia (Complete Works)’