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A brief commentary prepared by Bobbi Sutherland, PhD, Professor, History, on the following work:

Aristotle's Logic: a commentary
ca. 1644; Latin commentary written in the disputed question style on the logic of Aristotle


The book displayed here belonged to Armand-François de Menou du Chiron, a French provincial noble. According to an inscription in front, this commentary, called Ad Logicam Aristotelis (On Aristotle’s Logic), entered Armand’s library in 1644. The text is in Latin; though Aristotle wrote in Greek, and Greek was becoming more widely known in the wake of the Renaissance, Latin was still the language of scholarship. This work is not a commentary in the usual sense, as it does not follow a particular text or texts, but rather comments on aspects of Aristotle’s Logic in general.

It is likely a school text, possibly lecture notes. The hand, first neat, becomes cramped and sloppy with corrections and ink blotches.Of interest to students at this University, the final article asks “What is faith?” The author then discusses the intersection of faith and reason, seeing them as compatible.

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‘Aristotle's Logic: a commentary’


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