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A brief commentary prepared by Neomi DeAnda, PhD, Assisant Professor, Religious Studies, on the following work:

La Biblia, que es, Los Sacros Libros del Viejo y Nuevo Testamento (Spanish Bible)
Basle, 1569; first complete Spanish-language translation of the Bible


Translated by Casiodoro de Reina, an ex-monk of the monastery of St. Isidore of Seville, this Bible bears the nickname “La Biblia del Oso” (Bible of the Bear) because of its frontispiece, which depicts a bear taking honey from a tree.The introduction declares the reason for this translation:

“Intolerable thing is Satan, father of lies and author of darkness (Christian Reader) so that the truth of God and God’s light may be manifest in the world; because only through this road is Satan’s deception undone, his darkness stopped, the worthless foundation of his reign discovered, and from where his ruin is certain; and so that the misery of humans, who are tied to death by prisons of ignorance, may be taught through divine light and leave their prisons for eternal life and liberty as children of God.”

(Author’s translation)

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La Biblia, que es, Los Sacros Libros del Viejo y Nuevo Testamento (Spanish Bible)


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