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In preparing for Imprints and Impressions, we ran across many interesting words that have fallen out of the general lexicon. With this booklet, we have brought one back: handlist. Dean Kathleen Webb ran across it in a 1944 booklet from the J. Pierpont Morgan Library in New York City. Though the word no longer appears in most new dictionaries, it’s still in the Oxford English Dictionary:

A list of a particular type or category of things, presented in a readily consultable form; esp. a list of the books or manuscripts in a particular place, on a particular subject, etc.; a catalogue.

It’s a good word … and that’s a terrible thing to waste.

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All works in the Imprints and Impressions exhibit appear in this handlist alphabetically by the author’s last name. Unsigned works follow. Except where noted, the faculty and staff at the University of Dayton prepared the item descriptions in this handlist.

Many of these descriptions are excerpts of longer essays that appear in the exhibit archive >>>, along with photographs, videos, and other supplemental content.

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