Meeting Community and Student Needs Through a Sports Nutrition and Wellness Club

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Conference Paper

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Health and Sport Science


Sports nutrition is a specialized field in dietetics and is an interest of many dietetic majors. Therefore, a Sports Nutrition and Wellness Club was created in 2018 to provide experiential learning for dietetic majors that have expressed interest in sports nutrition and address a need expressed from the University and local communities. Upon initiation into the club using the “train the trainer” model, dietetic students are mentored and trained in nutrition assessment, evaluation, intervention and counseling of clients. The two tasks of the club are to provide individual nutrition counseling sessions and athlete cooking and sports nutrition education classes. The individual counseling sessions include clients from the University Wellness Program and Recreation Sport. Along with mentoring from a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist (RDN LD), dietetic majors work in pairs to complete full nutrition assessments using the Nutrition Care Process and the Nutrition Data Set for Research (NDSR) nutrient analysis program.

During the cooking and education sessions, the club collaborates with University athletic teams to provide evidenced based sports nutrition information relevant to their sport coupled with hands-on cooking skills that reinforce the education. All sessions are reviewed and attended by a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist (RDN LD). The Sports Nutrition and Wellness Club has grown from eight dietetic majors to approximately 22 in a 18 month time span. Currently, data is being collected to measure impact of the two tasks and how the Sports Nutrition and Wellness Club strengthens the dietetic majors’ sports nutrition knowledge and counseling skills.




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