Engaging with Street-Level Bureaucracy to Propose Curriculum and Exam Policy Shifts in the Indian Higher Education System

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Conference Paper

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Educational Leadership


This presentation provides preliminary findings from a portion of my SEHS Summer Research grant data collection. It explored the possibility of using bottom-up theory to better understand and propose policy adaptations for curriculum and exam policies in the Indian higher education system from the perspective of faculty at affiliated colleges. These colleges are affiliated to universities which have the decision-making power regarding these policies. This presentation:

  • Focuses on the development of a model entitled The Four Tenets of Street-level Bureaucracy Framework for Education Policy Discernment which was developed from Lipsky’s street level bureaucracy (SLB) theory (SLB focuses on highly trained, front-line employees at the bottom of a bureaucracy).
  • Applies the model to the role of affiliated college faculty to determine- 1) if they are SLBs; and, 2) if not, to explore opportunities (from their perspectives) to propose reframing curriculum and exam policies using SLB as a guide.




Presentation: 9:20 a.m. Friday, April 24, 2020