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Educational Leadership


The use of teacher leadership in PK-12 education has experienced a resurgence since the late 1990's as school leadership models have evolved to include the engagement of diverse stakeholders in school and district leadership processes aimed at positive change and improvement efforts. Despite the recent evolution of school leadership, there remain several barriers to understanding the nature of the work that teacher leaders engage in and the contributions that they make to improvement efforts. This grounded theory study examined teacher perceptions of teacher leadership, the types of work teacher leaders should engage in and the boundaries of that work, and barriers to teacher leadership. Using interview data from 22 teachers in a large urban school district, we found that teachers function in many domains of work and are eager for pathways to leverage their expertise. We conclude by discussing the implications from our findings to district- and school-level leaders.


PK-12 education, school improvement, teacher leadership


Education | Educational Leadership | Other Teacher Education and Professional Development


Presentation: Noon Friday, April 23, 2021