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Multistage Development of a Clinical Performance Assessment of Physical Therapist Students and Clinical Instructors

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Conference Paper

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Summer 2023


Physical Therapy


Physical therapist education includes education in the classroom and in clinical settings. To aid in the assessment of student and clinical instructor performance in the clinic - with the intention of decreasing difficult clinical education experiences - clinicians and academicians collaborated to develop an assessment instrument, assessing the utility and validity of the tool in four key stages. Early stages assessed whether the instrument was helpful in reducing the rate of difficult cases and whether this formative instrument could replace a lengthier summative midterm assessment tool. Later stages included a single institution pilot study and subsequent multi-institutional study on the validity of the instrument, the Student and Clinical Instructor Performance Instrument (SCIPAI).

This presentation identifies the stages of development of the tool from student-only to student and instructor assessment and from paper to electronic format; and particularly details the methodology and preliminary findings of the SCIPAI’s recent multi-institutional validity study. This validity study included eight physical therapist education program, 21 clinical education experiences, and over 600 physical therapist student-physical therapist clinical instructor pairs in its assessment of the construct and concurrent validity of the SCIPAI. The presentation concludes by identifying future research opportunities, further development of the electronic platform, and plans for national accessibility of the SCIPAI.


physical therapist, education, clinical education, assessment, clinical instructor


Education | Physical Therapy | Rehabilitation and Therapy

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