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Interprofessional Healthcare Student Perceptions of Clinical Experience Effectiveness After Participation in Local Underserved Health Clinics

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Conference Paper

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Physician Assistant Education


Purpose: The purpose of this research project is to determine the effectiveness of a simulated clinical experience compared to a real clinical interprofessional environment by assessing student perceptions immediately after completing an actual clinical patient encounter in a student-run underserved healthcare setting.

Methods: Various student-run health clinics were initiated throughout the Cincinnati and Dayton geographical area in underserved settings precepted by healthcare profession faculty. Physician Assistant (PA), Pharmacy (Rx) and Medical (MD) student perceptions were assessed following volunteer clinic participation by utilizing the Clinical Learning Environment Comparison Survey (CLECS) to allow objectification of students’ perceptions to different clinical learning environments.

Results:The survey had responses from 16 Rx, 11 MD, and 32 PA students. The overall MANOVA comparing traditional learning environments and simulated clinical experiences was significant for traditional learning student preferences (p

Conclusion: When comparing a traditional vs. simulated learning clinical environment, physician assistant, pharmacy and medical students perceive their learning needs are greater met for communication, holism, and the teaching-learning dyad in the traditional learning environment when compared to the simulated environment after involvement in a volunteer health clinic. Compared to the traditional clinical environment, pharmacy students felt their critical thinking skills were more improved after the simulated environment, whereas medical and physician assistant students felt that their critical thinking skills were less improved following the simulated environment. Student comments included preference for the traditional clinical environment as more effective for patient communication, working with other members of the healthcare team, and learning clinical skills.




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