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Developing a Mindset: The Role of Clinical Practice in Preservice Teachers’ Understandings about Dyslexia

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Conference Paper

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Teacher Education


Teacher education programs must meet multiple stakeholders, ensuring pre- service teachers are well prepared to become effective decision makers in the classroom. This chapter will describe how clinical practice, grounded in the AACTE Clinical Practice Commission Report, was integrated into an under- graduate Dyslexia Certificate program. This program was designed to help preservice teachers develop a mindset about effective literacy instruction to include in-depth understandings of a multiplicity of techniques for the teach- ing of reading, including specific understandings related to dyslexia. This chapter will provide a review of relevant literature on dyslexia and clinical practice in teacher education. Then, the program will be described, including how the clinical practice component was integrated into the coursework. Next, the results of a research study conducted during one semester of the clinical experience are discussed. Finally, implications for clinical practice and the preparation of effective teachers of reading are presented.


dyslexia, clinical practice, teacher education


Disability and Equity in Education | Education | Elementary Education and Teaching | Language and Literacy Education