Process, Culture, Identity, and Impact: Emancipatory Perspectives in Research Praxis

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Conference Paper

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Educational Leadership


This presentation reports findings that identify strategies for improving educational practices that reach diverse student populations. The presentation describes a research project undertaken prior to the Covid-19 pandemic to explore the growth in the number of African American parents who are choosing to homeschool is a direct correlation to this long-standing, historical commitment. When naming, framing, and exploring societal issues, it is important to explicitly address process, culture, identity, and impact as it relates to equity and racial equality. Using a critical lens, the researcher reflects on the need for a critical approach to education, discusses culturally relevant pedagogy, and explores examples of research that respond to marginalized communities. A critical understanding and in-depth analysis of race and sociocultural categories of difference are necessary for creating learning environments that are conducive to awareness, open-mindedness, and eradicating the effects of injustice.


culturally relevant pedagogy, critical lens, education, multicultural perspectives


Curriculum and Instruction | Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership | Teacher Education and Professional Development

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