A Culturally Responsive Art Education for Girls: Moving the Margins in Malawi

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Conference Paper

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Teacher Education


This research explores a series of reciprocal interactions in Chilumba, Malawi working with females in the D2D girls empowerment group. It provides an analysis of the experience from the dual lens of art education and culturally responsive pedagogy. Two U.S. educators traveled to Malawi during summer 2019. Combining their expertise in the areas of arts education and culturally responsive pedagogy they built on the already in use non-formal curriculum. The authors - a queer, White female and an Afro-Caribbean immigrant woman - sought to advocate for Malawian girls. With a goal of empowering the young women to use art as a form of self-expression and personal reflection, they designed, delivered, and assessed a multi-part culturally responsive art education engagement to a group of 40 girls. Through our partnership and collaboration, using our academic and activist voices, our passions, and our privilege we challenge the siloed spaces of academia and global development.




Presentation: Noon Friday, April 24, 2020