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Academic Year


Approved Date

April 2019


Legislative Authority.

Rationale for Program:

We propose to establish a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Wellness (BSSW) degree in the School of Education and Health Sciences (SEHS) and Department of Health and Sport Science (HSS). Within this new degree, we propose:

● The creation of a major in Sport and Wellness, with multiple concentrations (Health and Fitness, Community Health, and Sport Management) that correspond to our current offerings and opportunities for growth. 2 The focus of the major in Sport and Wellness , with its multiple concentrations: Health and Fitness, Community Health, and Sport Management will be to build upon the Common Academic Program to create graduates who can:

● Articulate the concepts of management and leadership as well the various skills, roles, and functions of leaders in health and sport,

● identify and analyze ethical, economic, legal, and socio-cultural issues, and formulate responses for use in planning, decision making and policy determinations in sport and wellness.

● develop professionally and identify relevant professional goals and necessary action steps.