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SHE WILL CRUSH YOUR HEAD (GENESIS 3:15) Mary symbolizes in her person the victory of good over evil. In the end, the faithful will be vindicated just as Mary has reached fulfillment in heaven. This perspective of final restoration and eternal happiness took on a somewhat militant tone in Chaminade's times. To a novice at Bordeaux he explained, "All ages of the Church have witnessed the struggles and the glorious triumphs of Mary in enmity with Satan, Mary has been victorious." Later he counseled, "Remain steadfast in faith. The devil is powerless against the person of faith." The figure standing in front of the image of Our Lady, crushing the head of the snake, puts its hand on her foot. The figure may be Blessed William Joseph Chaminade or any other person living in the "Spirit of Mary." The gesture signifies the pledge of those who entrust their lives to the work of Jesus and Mary.

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