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A COMMON BOND The "Spirit of Mary" is more than lofty thoughts and pious sentiments. It has practical consequences and leads to what Chaminade called the "Alliance with Mary" (Alianza con Maria). The expression designates a common bond with Mary. In the pact of solidarity, Mary is giving us protection and guidance, but our alliance with Mary is foremost a common mission,the active commitment to the causes of Jesus. Chaminade calls upon his followers to entrust their lives to Mary and her mission. For Chaminade, Marianists are missionaries of Mary. The artist rendered the alliance with Mary with a triple symbolism. The gesture of Mary's outstretched arm suggests both a mantle and a banner. We find protection under Mary's mantle, but the mantle is also a banner inviting active involvement in her mission. Finally, the monumental figure of Mary symbolizes strength, force of attraction, and the fact that she is a spiritual model for us.

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