The 2022 Stander Symposium was held Wednesday, April 20, 2022, in various locations across campus. The Stander Symposium is the University of Dayton’s annual showcase of individual and collaborative undergraduate and graduate research, creative, and academic achievements. It honors the late Brother Joseph W. Stander, S.M., Professor of Mathematics and Provost (1974–1989). Alumni, community members, family and friends are welcome to attend events.

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2022 Stander Symposium Program Committee: Jada Brown, Diana Cuy Castellanos (co-chair), Jill Crane, Diane Helmick, Katy Kelly, Marsha Keune, Brian LaDuca, Geno Luketic, Ryan McEwan, Chad Painter (co-chair), Amit Singh, Denise Taylor, Andrea Wade, Joel Whitaker, Vanessa Winn.


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