Prayer and Political Views


Prayer and Political Views



William J Gross



Does the amount of time spent in prayer affect one’s political views? This research looks at how often one prays during the week to see if it affects whether one is more likely to be conservative or liberal. This study builds on previous research on how religion affects political views. It seeks to concentrate on how the amount of time spent in prayer affects political views. In this way, it is not only religion that is being accounted for, but through prayer, how religious someone is and how it may or may not affect their political views. For this study, data will be taken from the General Social Survey. The hypothesis that will be tested is as follows: On average and all else equal, a person who prays more will be more likely to identify as conservative. To test the hypothesis, a logistic regression will be conducted to determine the probability of a person being liberal or conservative. The logistic regression will be a function of several variables – including the amount of time spent in prayer.

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Capstone Project - Undergraduate

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Peter W. Hovey

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Stander Symposium project

Prayer and Political Views