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IL-2 treatments have recently been identified to significantly reduce metastatic melanoma tumors and in some cases eliminate them. The problem with these treatments is that a set plan of administration varies from patient to patient and methods for determining treatment steps are still in the process of being developed. Previous research by Asad Usman and colleagues has used a numerical technique using MATLAB to decide treatment protocols. This research used the MATLABâs built in ode15 function to addresses treatment procedures including the starting and stopping of each treatment and the period in between each treatment. Building on this data and existing model, my project will explore several other numerical techniques such as ode23 and ode45 solvers, Eulerâs method, and the predictor corrector method to study IL-2 treatments in metastatic melanoma patients. A comparison will be made using error plots and tables, and a stability analysis using pplane7 will be investigated.

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Independent Research

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Muhammad Usman

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Stander Symposium poster

Numerical Study of a Mathematical Model of IL-2 Adoptive Immunotherapy on Patients with Metastatic Melanoma