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The Cincinnati Public School (CPS) district has been the leading model for education in Ohio, with an overall Annual Report Card rating of âEffectiveâ. Part of this success can be attributed to CPS creating a district-wide initiative to improve schools. One program that seems promising is the Community Learning Centers (CLC) initiative, beginning in 2001. CLCs use schools not only as institutions of learning, but also as community âhubsâ. Partnerships between the district and local organizations help provide services including tutoring, mentoring, health/wellness, parent/family engagement and more. Resources are not only available to students and parents, but to the community at large. The current project makes use of Performance Index scores, Value Added measures, school building and district report card ratings, and other indicators to analyze the CPS Community Learning Centers program to draw comparisons to the Dayton Public Schools Neighborhood Center Schools initiative, which is modeled after the CPS program.

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Thomas J. Lasley

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Education and Allied Profession-Dean


Stander Symposium project

What's in Your Neighborhood? The Progress of Public Neighborhood Center Schools in Dayton and Cincinnati