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Physical therapy is a health care profession that makes use of mechanical movements and emphasizes on the rehabilitation of physical impairments without focused use of medicine or surgery. So, how can we enter the physiotherapy world by just one click? What’s the idea? So here is the collaboration between the world of physical therapy with an innovative open-source operating system called ‘android’. The proposed app provides an insight of how the different body parts carry out their functionalities, how to identify injuries/illness and what should be done to cure them. This helps the reader to have a quick view of the overall process. Based on the individual’s history and physical examination, an intervention plan is made to address the dysfunction. Each body part has different functionality and its management includes assistance with specific exercises, manual therapy and manipulation, mechanical devices such as traction, education, physical agents which includes heat, cold, electricity, sound waves, radiation, rays, prescription of assistive devices and other interventions. How to perform each of the above mentioned process is shown effectively in this app. This app can be used in all android devices and is developed using the Android Studio 2.1.2 with the help of images and videos. The android studio plays a vital role in giving the support environment, which has the inbuilt java libraries and can identify the styling languages as well. In the process of development, the developer can drag or drop the panels/layouts for the correct measures of the phone view or the tablet view. The overall application outcome is to let the physical therapy students understand the diagnostic process and how certain tests and measures relate to dysfunction and treatment in an interactive manner through one-click. Ever wondered how science is combined with technology? Our application is an excellent example for this scenario.

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Independent Research - Graduate

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Philip A. Anloague

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Health and Sports Science - Physical Therapy Doctoral Program


Stander Symposium project

One Click to Meet the Physical Therapy World